Artist Resources & Tools

is a professional development program for artists who are ready to make their art career ambitions a reality.

“I really loved the support. The feeling that I’m not in this on my own.” – Rebecca Wallis


Over 90% of artists are no longer making art 2 years after graduating from college


Most artists that become successful do not hold a formal degree in art


4 out of 5 of artists say lack of money is why they quit their studio practice

Considering this, what is the path for success?

We’ve tested and developed the best methodologies for getting strong online visibility for artists who are showing and selling their art. After years of bringing emerging artists to art fairs in the US and abroad. We have also created concrete strategies for finding the real decision makers and collectors.

Program Description & Specifics

The Artist Resources & Tools program(or ART School for short) is an eight week professional development program for emerging artists. Expanding Starry Night’s mission to create artist-responsive opportunities and programming, ART School is designed as an online platform for growth and professional development for emerging artists in a variety of disciplines.

This 8 week online training program is designed to develop the professional practices needed for artists to start making a living doing what they love. The curriculum is based on the six main components of becoming a professional, full time artist. The course includes trainings and interviews with specialists in curating, social media, PR, tech, legal, accounting, as well as soft skills.

The program includes a dynamic curriculum of in-depth training videos, printed guides and templates; twice weekly online office hours to engage students, address questions, and discuss various perspectives on the material; as well as recommended readings on best professional practices across disciplines.

Access to course materials is immediate upon enrollment, and will be available to participants on an unlimited basis for all future iterations of the program. All of the materials are online, contained in the private, membership-only ART School website, where students can engage the training videos, download the resources, connect with other artists, ask questions during the twice-weekly meetings, and compare notes with one another.

With a focus on applicable, concrete skills development, Starry Night ART School is designed to deepen an understanding of the best professional practices for artists of all disciplines, with a focus on building a foundation of professional confidence in the emerging contemporary artist.

“I really liked the involvement in the group and the sense of community from an online course.”
– Anthony Hamilton

Who is Starry Night for?

Starry Night Programs has been working with artists who are struggling with selling their work or applying for and getting funding to make their work.

Created by Monika Proffitt who serves as the Executive Director, we help artists get into larger exhibitions so that emerging, unrepresented artists can stop starving and get their work out there.

Some of the things we’ve helped with in the past:

 Provided feedback on over 9,500 applications for residencies, exhibitions, and grants

 Served as a panelist to distribute over $500,000 in funding for artists

 Helped artists get their artwork published and distributed in digital and hard copy editions

 Directly worked with hundreds of artists, showing them how to leverage their current situation to further their careers


ART School is the perfect solution

for aspiring (rising) artists

Put into perspective the mindset, time and money that artists need to stay in the game and have a long, fruitful career as an artist.

Present concrete tools that enable artists to confidently compete for bigger and bigger opportunities.

Dissect the specific purpose of an artist website and make it achieve the goals it is designed for, whether that is selling or having an online exhibition – or both.

The world drives and moves on connections. Here artists learn how to step out and effectively – online and in person – network even if they are an introvert.

The nuts and bolts of having a successful, well attended show, how to do proper follow up, and what exactly goes into the art of the sale.

Moving up in your career means moving in bigger and more powerful circles. We cover exactly how to find the people with the money to actually buy your work, and how to handle it once you do.

Over 15 additional templates, videos, interviews and downloadable resources

New Bonuses Include:
Wordpress Master class
Money Management for Artists
Legal and Copyright 101 for artists


Packed gallery openings

Dozens of solo shows full of buyers

Pursuing art full-time without a side job

Great applications to top grants

Thriving sales online and in galleries

Speaking engagements at conferences

“I was most surprised about the positive, supportive approach, the amount of material and information I could access, as well as book lists etc., and then the ongoing support after it’s finished.” – Rebecca Wallis

Accessibility + Lifetime Access + Eligibility

With a deep commitment to artist accessibility, ART School is open to any artist currently engaged in or returning to their art practice. This includes ambitious emerging artists who are interested in strategically growing their professional practices and career goals, recent graduates who are looking to balance their responsibilities inside and outside of the studio, and mid-career artists who are wanting to grow their audience beyond their current level.

The course also includes transcripts of all recorded materials, making it fully accessible to artists who are hearing impaired. Our adaptable, multi-format curriculum includes video, audio, and printed materials, to adapt to any learning style. It is available within the guided session format as well as in the self-directed, independent study format. Any artist interested in growing their professional practice alongside their studio practice, is encouraged to take advantage of our curriculum.

 Sign up for our mailing list and learn more.

 Lifetime Access to 8 video based Modules so artists can grow at their own pace

 Over 9 bonuses in separate categories crucial to every artist’s success

 Handouts and worksheets to keep artists accountable with quantifiable measured results

 Access to weekly Q & A with Executive Director of Starry Night during the Guided Session

+ Digital Copy of the Best Year Ever Handbook: A road map for planning and achieving your biggest goals this year.


Starry Night Programs is committed to making this program extremely valuable to every student, and offers a full, money-back guarantee to every artist in the program. To this end, Starry Night Programs will provide a full refund to any artist who decides it is not for them. Simply send in your completed work, a brief explanation of why this didn’t work for you, and we’ll provide a full refund.

What People are Saying About Our Programs

Take a Look Inside the Program

Goals of the Program

 Reinforce and remind yourself of the reasons you chose to become an artist and have your mission clearly defined

 Learn everything you need to know about how to create a strong portfolio, succinctly talk about your work, and have a polished artist statement, bio, and resume — for print and for the web

 Understand the important markers of professionalism that will help to expand your network of relationships, which will in turn help to cultivate the right kind of exposure for your work

 Have a step-by-step guide to building your website affordably, so that it aligns with your personal aesthetic and fulfills your specific functional needs — whether that is selling online or creating an elegant image gallery

 Know exactly how to use social media to attract and keep in-touch with interested viewers and collectors

 Learn how to show your work like a professional regardless of what stage of your career you are in

“I’m finding the experience invaluable and would not be working so hard at it if it were not so thoughtful and on target.” – Gail Steinberg

“I love how fastidious you have been in putting together all of the modules. The videos are super clear and helpful.” – Julie Maren

Why choose Art School instead of other trainings/schools?

Other programs often teach arts the skill and trade of making art. However, it’s rare to find a program that teaches the hard and soft skills of actually selling their art and making a living from it. This is where ART School stands out. We strive to teach courses for artists, made by successful artists who’ve already succeeded in making a career from their artwork.

We talk about the big picture, your mission, and your art as a profession, not a hobby…
– Get clear on your purpose and eliminate self-doubt
– Define your mission as an artist and bring your personal ‘why’ into sharp focus
– Align your finances with your personal mission to flourish inside and outside of the studio
– Set up a business with the proper licenses, copyrights, and legal protections
– Set up your site at a minimal cost using the best free and low-cost solutions available
– Organize your website content to reverse-engineer the results you want
– Create professional, searchable, content that gets you found on the web

We share the best templates and tools to show your work professionally…
– Know exactly how and where to hang and label your work
– Pack and ship your artwork so you never worry about in-transit damage
– Put together a show binder of your work for interested buyers to look through

We strategically expand your network and framework…
– Expand your in person network and online following so you can fill your openings with the right people
– Present yourself like a serious artist before you actually get in front of the gallerists, curators and interested buyers
– Stay in touch with collectors and viewers in an authentic, non-pushy way
– Grow your confidence and be ready to show outside your city or region
– Fully value yourself as an artist and as a vital part of our collective cultural voice

We systematically address your online presence, SEO and social media feeds…
– Utilize the best social media practices and schedulers so you can spend less time online and more time in the studio
– Grow your mailing list and extend opening invitations beyond just supportive friends
– Create your own luck by being totally ready when all of your hard work catches up with you
– Cultivate genuine, professional, working relationships with powerful people

We thoroughly cover the best practices for talking to gallerists, curators and collectors…
– Introduce yourself confidently and talk about your work succinctly
– Never stumble over your words and come off like a nervous emerging artist
– Understand how, when, and in what format to follow up with people to maintain important relationships
– Find out where to go to meet true patrons and supporters of the arts
– Learn how to engage with the art world as a giver and cultivate a position of power that makes you immediately valuable

We provide a global, supportive, community of artists, arts administrators and arts advocates…
– Enjoy our strong support system to provide practical and personal support
– Quit feeling like a fake or an impostor when you talk about yourself and your work

Included in the Program

  Over 30 training videos, which are also available as audio files for listening to while in the studio

  Sizable library of transcripts and templates for all communications, promotional materials, press releases, labels, etc. making it simple to communicate properly with every important contact and about every exhibition

  Exclusive interviews with established artists, arts administrators, curators, grant makers, and supporters who generously share their insights and perspectives

  Membership to the online ART School community where artists can connect, support, and share with other artists from all around the world

  Access to all curriculum materials for the lifetime of the program, including future additions and updates

Take the leap!

At Starry Night we encourage everyone to have a chance. Artists can access ART School for as little as $3.00 a day. Which is intended to remove the barrier of it being a financial strain. Sometimes not moving forward ends up being an internal question about how serious we are about wanting our art – and our art practice – to survive.

As Artists, if we don’t survive, our art doesn’t survive. That is why this program exists. To make sure artists can get paid for what they do. It isn’t just about surviving, but about thriving. If you follow the modules and principles we teach you, you will find it’s not hard to become a highly paid artist.

With our 100% money back guarantee you have nothing to lose.