Welcome to Great Applications

great apps 1This course is all about creating a portfolio that is strong and an application that is stunning, in image and in word. Because what’s the use in making art if it isn’t documented and described clearly?

Anyone who may be reviewing your application submissions for grants, residencies, exhibitions, and other opportunities needs to be able to see how great your work actually is. In this course we will talk about how to properly archive, describe, and distribute information on your work — and have it easily available when the time comes for you to apply for your next exciting opportunity.

A lot of life might be luck, but you’ve got to be ready for it when your luck shows up.

Along with lovely images, we will be showing you how to polish up your Artist Statement, your Bio, and your Resumé. You’ll leave this module knowing how to professionally and succinctly tell a review panel why they should give you money or reward you with an opportunity.

Watch the Videos

  • Portfolio Overview
  • Outstanding Applications
  • Images That Sing
  • The Review Process

Download the Individual Printables

Artwork InventoryBuilding Your ResumeCompelling BioImage ChecklistYour Artist StatementSizing Images for the WebSix Tips to Make Your Application StickOpportunties CalendarImage Description ListModule 2 NotesPoster2













In the BONUS video below, you’ll learn how to plan out your best year…

  • Why it’s vitally important to have a clear direction and plan for where you want to show your work, attend a residency, and apply for a grant
  • A simple process for getting clear on what you want to achieve in the first place, and why
  • How to ensure that your goals fit into your own bigger picture vision of yourself as an artist
  • How to plan backwards from your end goal, breaking them down into small, manageable chunks
  • How to track your progress as you go into the next twelve months and really see how much progress you are making as you run this marathon of being an artist