Interview with Greg Lundgren

Recently, we had the pleasure of putting a microphone in front of artist, entrepreneur, curator and agitator, Greg Lundgren.

Greg recently closed the Out Of Sight art fair in Seattle, a project that he spearheaded into existence in three manic months this past summer. Prolific in all avenues he pursues, he has curated spaces and engaged unknowing pedestrians in art experiences throughout his beloved city for over 20 years.  He is the owner of two well known bars in Seattle, Vito’s and The Hideout, both of which feature art and music on the daily, and one of which features a vending machine that sells various works of art.

The number of ideas that this man’s mind can hold (and schedule can sustain) at once might astound and concern a normal person. In this interview Greg discusses his take on the importance of courage, personal validation, his desire to making art inclusive, and his stance against the ultimate enemy of “quiet desperation.”

You can find out more about Greg and his many ventures and projects here:

Out of Sight

Vital 5 Productions


The Hideout



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