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“I really loved the support. The feeling that I’m not in this on my own.” – Rebecca Wallis

Want to apply for grant money with confidence and get paid to make your art?

Ready to show your work professionally – to people who actually invest in their art collections?

Interested in making a name for yourself and making a living doing what you love?

Gain the tools you need to eliminate self doubt and go from emerging artist to professional artist. Our online training program includes a dynamic curriculum of in-depth training videos, printed and online guides and templates, as well as full support to make sure you get everything you need to be the successful artist you were meant to be.

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Tired of spinning your wheels and not knowing what to do next?

We cover the six main components of becoming a professional, full time artist. With trainings and interviews with specialists in curating, social media, PR, tech, legal, accounting, and even the soft skills of following up with important people, so you never feel intimidated by the art world again.

Let us help you make this the year that you launch your art career.

“I am getting so much out of ART School… It is helping me find a clear path through my recent block and back into the art world.” – Regina Porrip

Enrollment for the fall session of ART School closes on August 31st, 2015, midnight PST.

For more information on the full curriculum, click here.

Program Elements

  • Reinforce and remind yourself of the reasons you chose to become an artist and have your mission clearly defined
  • Learn everything you need to know about how to create a strong portfolio, succinctly talk about your work, and have a polished artist statement, bio, and resume — for print and for the web
  • Understand the important markers of professionalism that will help to expand your network of relationships, which will in turn help to cultivate the right kind of exposure for your work
  • Have a step-by-step guide to building your website affordably, so that it aligns with your personal aesthetic and fulfills your specific functional needs — whether that is selling online or creating an elegant image gallery
  • Know exactly how to use social media to attract and keep in-touch with interested viewers and collectors
  • Learn how to show your work like a professional regardless of what stage of your career you are in

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“My favorite parts were the “Do Something About It” sections of the course because it gave me something concrete do to do each week.” – Anthony Hamilton

Concrete Steps

We talk about the big picture, your mission and your art as a profession, not just a hobby…

  • Get clear on your purpose and eliminate self-doubt
  • Define your mission as an artist and bring your personal ‘why’ into sharp focus
  • Align your finances with your personal mission to flourish inside and outside of the studio
  • Set up a business with the proper licenses, copyrights, and legal protections
  • Set up your site at a minimal cost using the best free and low-cost solutions available
  • Organize your website content to reverse-engineer the results you want
  • Create professional, searchable, content that gets you found on the web

We share the best templates and tools to show your work professionally…

  • Know exactly how and where to hang and label your work
  • Pack and ship your artwork so you never worry about in-transit damage
  • Put together a show binder of your work for interested buyers to look through

We strategically expand your network and framework…

  • Expand your in person network and online following so you can fill your openings with the right people
  • Present yourself like a serious artist before you actually get in front of the gallerists, curators and interested buyers
  • Stay in touch with collectors and viewers in an authentic, non-pushy way
  • Grow your confidence and be ready to show outside your city or region
  • Fully value yourself as an artist and as a vital part of our collective cultural voice

We systematically address your online presence, SEO and social media feeds…

  • Utilize the best social media practices and schedulers so you can spend less time online and more time in the studio
  • Grow your mailing list and extend opening invitations beyond just supportive friends
  • Create your own luck by being totally ready when all of your hard work catches up with you
  • Cultivate genuine, professional, working relationships with powerful people

We thoroughly cover the best practices for talking to gallerists, curators and collectors…

  • Introduce yourself confidently and talk about your work succinctly
  • Never stumble over your words and come off like a nervous emerging artist
  • Understand how, when, and in what format to follow up with people to maintain important relationships
  • Find out where to go to meet true patrons and supporters of the arts
  • Learn how to engage with the art world as a giver and cultivate a position of power that makes you immediately valuable

We provide a global, supportive, community of artists, arts administrators and arts advocates…

  • Enjoy our strong support system to provide practical and personal support
  • Quit feeling like a fake or an imposter when you talk about yourself and your work


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Included in the Program

  • Over 30 training videos, which are also available as audio files for listening to while in the studio
  • Sizable library of transcripts and templates for all communications, promotional materials, press releases, labels, etc. making it simple to communicate properly with every important contact and about every exhibition
  • Exclusive interviews with established artists, arts administrators, curators, grant makers, and supporters who generously share their insights and perspectives
  • Membership to the online ART School community where artists can connect, support, and share with other artists from all around the world
  • Access to all curriculum materials for the lifetime of the program, including future additions and updates

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“I feel like I am organized for submitting to shows and I know how often I should be submitting.” – Jon Hamilton

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Dedicated to nurturing the careers of emerging artists, Starry Night’s programs are designed to lower the traditional barriers that artists face when trying to establish themselves. We train artists on how to start making a living doing what they love.  To learn more about our comprehensive online training program, Artist Resources & Tools, look no further.

Reviews from Past Artists


Jennifer Sims Headshot

“Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this experience. I came away with accomplishing what I thought was an impossible dream.” – Jennifer Sims




Eric Pickersgill Headshot

“Thank you all for the awesome work you are doing! I really am excited to be a part of your programing. I fully support your methods and the way you are re-assembling the art world model and making it a more accessible and less hierarchical space.” – Eric Pickersgill




Kelsey Headshot

“This was a wonderful, supportive, and low-stress program. I felt skillfully represented, supported, and free to experience the rest of the fair at a pace that I determined. I can express nothing but gratitude to Monika and everyone who helped out! This was a wonderful, enriching experience and I would be honored to be a part of any future endeavors.” – Kelsey Shwetz




Howard Headshot

“The best aspect of working with the Starry Night was that I didn’t have to ‘work’ much at all. Representing oneself, particularly as an emerging artist, is a treacherous thing. Roughing it out in solitude was no longer as mandatory.” -Thomas Howard





“I was so impressed with the staff’s knowledge, hard work and professionalism. Everyone I spoke with was so generous in their sincere hope that we would be successful. This just felt so exciting and I came up with several new ideas of imagery I want to shoot.” -Shelly Hanan




AnicaGovidarica headshot

“I would like to thank you once more for all your effort, your enthusiasm and devotion.” – Anica Govidarica




Veronica Ceci Headshot

“I was pleasantly surprised by the high level of professionalism in our exhibition and the fair overall.” -Veronica Ceci





“Thank you for making this catalog and giving me the opportunity to publish my work!! It has been a very great experience and I hope to work with you more in the future!” -Shannon McDonell




Lisa Cardenas Headshot

“I just want to thank you for including me and appreciate all you are doing for artists.” -Lisa Cardenas




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